"THE EAST INDIES," 1748 and on

From "The East Indies," by T. Jefferys, London, 1748; *the whole map*

From the same set, 1748: *Africa, 1748*

From Jeffreys' "A New Geographical and Historical Grammar: Wherein the Geographical Part is Truly Modern; and the Present State of the Several Kingdoms of the World is so Interspersed, as to Render the Study of Geography Both Entertaining and Instructive", by Mr Salmon, published by W. Johnston H. Woodfall J. Hinton Etc, London, 1764.

*The whole map*
*The Southeast Asia part*

From "The East Indies" by Thomas Jefferys and Thomas Phinn, from Salmon's 'New Universal Geographical Grammar', Edinburgh, 1778; *the whole map*

Other maps from the same set, 1778:

*Asia*; *a closer view of South and Southeast Asia*
*North America*

A Bombay view by Jefferys, from Smollett's 'Voyages', London, 1765

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