The early "world continent" of Pangea

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PLATE TECTONICS: *A flexible time-lapse display (by a consortium of universities)*
*Time-lapse displays from U.C. Berkeley**; also *here* and *here (in reverse)*

The South Asian tectonic plate, pushing into Asia

(downloaded Feb. 2008)

"Mappe-Monde Physique," by l'Abbé Mongez (Mentelle, Paris, 1779): *the whole map*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*

A physical map of Asia, from Cassel's Encyclopedia, 1899; CLICK ON THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN

Two maps from Albert Perry Brigham and Charles T. McFarlane, Essentials of Geography: First Book (New York: American Book Company, 1920); CLICK ON EITHER MAP FOR A LARGE SCAN

(downloaded May 2006)

Afghanistan and the Punjab, in a satellite view: you can actually see the Khyber Pass from space (it runs *between Kabul and Peshawar*)

(downloaded Nov. 2001)

The special position of the Punjab and the Indus from "Companion Atlas to the Gazeteer of The World" by G. H. Swanston (A. Fullarton, Edinburgh, 1859); CLICK ON THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN. *The whole map*; *CLICK HERE FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN OF THE WHOLE MAP*

*A German map by Richard Andree, 1904, that gives an unusually clear idea of the South Asian tectonic plate borders*

Some small but convenient topographical and overview maps of various regions:

*the eastern Himalayas*
*the Steppes*
*the Tarim Basin and the Takla Makan desert*
*west Central Asia*
*the Caucasus*
*northern China*
*Southeast Asia*

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