Some special analytical CHARTS and TIMELINES:

*A CHRONOLOGY OF GANDHARA in context*, by Michael Witzel, 2005
(downloaded Sept. 2009)

*A TIMELINE OF ISLAM IN SOUTH ASIA*, prepared by FWP for classroom use; this is a DRAFT version only!

*THE MET MUSEUM TIMELINE*, correlated with South Asian art history

*A MUGHAL GENEALOGY*, prepared by Audrey Truschke, revised by Pasha Mohamad Khan, 2009. At first the print looks too small, but just use the PDF size function to enlarge it and you'll see how helpful and detailed it is.

*MEDIEVAL SOUTH ASIAN HISTORY*, timelines prepared by Prof. Colin Masica, Univ. of Chicago, in the pre-computer era

*A GHALIB CHRONOLOGY*, prepared by FWP with help from S. R. Faruqi, in draft form

*AN IQBAL CHRONOLOGY*, prepared by FWP, to be augmented by Haroon Moghul

*A PREMCHAND CHRONOLOGY* prepared by Rupert Snell, c.1996

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