A language map of Asia, from "Synopsis universae philologiae" (J. B. Homann heirs, Nuremberg, c.1741)

*A language map of India prepared for the missionary projects at Serampore, 1822*

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*"Prevailing Languages, Map 1, Showing the Localities in Which the Aryan Languages of India are Spoken," from the Imperial Gazetteer, 1890*

"The map is labeled across the lower margin from left to right (1) The Edinburgh Geographical Institute (2) J.G. Bartholomew. The map legend in the lower left map area shows (1) Eranian Languages in pink shading (2) Pisacha Languages in brown shading (3) Midland Indo-Aryan Languages in yellow shading (4) Outer Indo-Aryan Languages in blue shading and (5) Intermediate Indo-Aryan Languages in green shading. It is then noted “NOTE: The Shading of the Intermediate Languages (Green) is intended to illustrate approximately the Local Influence of Midland and of Outer Languages."

*How the language map looked to Constable, in 1893*

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A language map from "A Historical Atlas of South Asia," Oxford University Press (New York), 1992, courtesy of Himal Magazine; CLICK ON THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN.

The map seems to be a modified form of one of the the Schwartzberg online atlas ones, which are in highly ZOOMABLE form *p. 100*

(downloaded Apr. 2006)

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