A gold tetradrachm minted by the early Kushan ruler Heraios, in the first few decades CE

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"Kushan Empire. Heraios. Circa AD 1-30/50. AR Tetradrachm (12.49 gm; 27 mm). Diademed and draped bust right; bead-and-reel border / TUANNOUNTOS HILOU ?OIIANOY, Heraios right on horseback; to left, Nike flying right, crowning him with wreath; S AN AB between horse’s legs."

A few decades later, Vima Takto issued a Greek-Kharoshthi coin depicting both a zebu and a dromedary

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"Kushans. Vima Takto (Soter Megas). Circa 80-100 AD. Æ 18mm (4.29 g, 10h). BDPNEI BDPNEIN NDOOwT (sic), zebu standing right; tamgha above, "Na" in Karosthi before / "Maharajasa Rajatirajasa Devaputrasa Vima Takha-(?)" in Karosthi, dromedery standing right; "Bhu" in Karosthi before."

Vima Kadphises (r. c.105-127), the most famous of the earlier Kushan rulers, used images of Shiva on many of his coins, along with Greek and Kharoshthi inscriptions

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"KUSHAN KINGS of INDIA. Vima Kadphises. Ca. 90-100 AD. Gold Dinar (8.01 gm; 19 mm). King Vima Kadphises, crowned and diademed bust on clouds left, flames over shoulder, holding club-like sceptre and whisk(?); tamgha behind / Karosthi legend, nude Siva standing facing, holding trident, club, and lion skin; tamgha to left and Nandipada symbol to right, Kharosthi legend around."

Another example of Vima's Shaivite coins, with a Sanskrit inscription in Kharhshthi script

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"KUSHAN, Vima Kadphises Gold dinar. Obverse:  King's bust left, holding club, Greek legend around (1 o-clock): BACI?EVC OOH ... MO KA??ICHC. Reverse:  Oesho (Siva) standing facing, holding deerskin and axe-shafted trident, Kharoshthi legend (12 o'clock): Maharajasa rajadirajasa sarvaloga isvarasa mahisvarasa Vima Kathphishasa tratara
Date:  c. 112-127 CE."

A coin issued by Vima Kadphises showing Shiva with Nandi

Source: http://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=77966&IsEnlarged=1
(downloaded Jan. 2006)

"Kushans. Vima Kadphises. Circa 100-127/8 AD. Æ Tetradrachm (27mm, 16.79 g, 12h). Mint I (A). BACILEUC BACILEwN [OOH]MO MEGAC OOHM KADFICHC (sic), Kadphises, standing facing, head left, sacrificing over altar to left and holding hand on hilt; to left, filleted trident behind, tamgha and club to right / "Maharajasa Rajatirajasa Mahishvarasa Hi(tri)ma Kapishasa Tradata" in Karosthi, Siva with three heads standing facing, holding trident in raised right hand and resting lowered left hand on bull Nandi standing to right, behind; tamgha above to left."

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