The Gita is located just at the beginning of the great battle of Kurukshetra, described in the great epic "Mahabharata," which may be the longest epic poem in the world
The classic scene in which the Gita is spoken by Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield is here depicted in Orissan pata-chitra versions
Versions in kalamkari, from Andhra Pradesh
And in Madhubani, from Bihar
And in Tanjore style, from Thanjavur
And in metalwork
And in modern printed form
A new, huge ISKCON image, reimagining the setting in terms of Mughal and Rajput miniature painting conventions

Krishna's revelation to Arjuna of his cosmic self is depicted in kalamkari (though not half as terrifyingly as in the text itself)
And in Madhubani style
And in painting
And in modern printed forms

After the lesson, Arjuna is ready to launch the great fratricidal war, and Krishna urges the horses into battle, as shown in batik form
And in modern printed form as well

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