Early Hephthalites settled around Baktria in the mid-300's, and issued coins in the Persian style

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"HEPHTHALITES. Baktria? Circa 350 AD. AR Drachm (3.43 gm). Imitating Sasanian king Shahpur I. Tall narrow bust resembling Shapur I; crown with korymbos and earflap / Fire altar flanked by attendants, sprig and caduceus to either side of flames. This apparently unpublished imitative dirhem of Shahpur I is possibly one of the first issues of the Hephthalite tribes that settled in Baktria in the 350s AD and established treaty relations with Shahpur II. The sprig and caduceus symbols on the reverse are not found on any other issue, but they may be intended to mimic the wreath and taurus symbols on contemporary Sasanian coins."

The coin of a Hephthalite ruler called Khingila (c.440-490), with a Brahmi inscription, perhaps from a mint at Taxila

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"Hephthalites, Khingila. AR Drachm. c. AD 440-490/ Mint" Taxila (?)/ Obverse  Brahmi Khi-Gi  (for "Khingila"). Tall, Central-Asian bust right, wearing diadem, earrings and necklace; tamgha behind head. Reverse  Fire altar with attendants, bust in flames. Weight  3.59gm Diameter  26mm."

A coin issued by a Hephthalite ruler, Raja Lakhana Udayaditya, with a Brahmi inscription, c. late 400's or 500's

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"Hephthalites, Raja Lakhana Udayaditya. AR Drachm; c. late 5th - end 6th century. Obverse:  Brahmi legend, Raja Lakhana Udayaditya. Tall Central-Asiatic bust right, wearing diadem with crescent and large earrings. Reverse:  Traces of fire altar with attendants design. Weight  3.72gm.Diameter  28mm." [Image and description courtesy of *David L. Tranbarger Rare Coins*.]

A coin issued by the "Nezak Malkas" from Kabul in the 600's

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"Nezak Malkas, Unknown Ruler. AE Drachm, c. AD 630-711. Mint: Kapisa, Kabul. Obverse:  Pahlavi legend. Bust r., wearing winged buffalo crown. Reverse:  Fire altar with highly stylized attendants, wheel above each. Weight  3.35gm. Diameter  27mm. "Nezak Malka" is generally considered to be a title, not the ruler's personal name. The Nezak Malkas were a Turco-Hephthalite dynasty who ruled Kabul, Ghazni and Gandhara as vassals of the Western Turk Yabghu at Qunduz. In recent years, the dating of these coins has been placed firmly in the 7th century rather than the 6th as previously thought (Gobl, Mitchiner, etc), thus placing the Nezak "Huns" in the Turkic period rather than the Hephthalite."  [Image and description courtesy of *David L. Tranbarger Rare Coins*.]

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