Durga presides over a Vedic fire sacrifice (bazaar art, c.1950's)

Source: ebay, Sept. 2006

Rama and Sita, worshiping a lingam, preside over a Shaivite group  portrait of the deities, while Ganesh presides over a Vedic fire-offering; a religious print from the 1930's

Source: ebay, Mar. 2006

The kama-dhenu, or wish-fulfilling cow, accompanied by a Vedic fire sacrifice

Source: http://www.maxwell.syr.edu/gai/programs/sac/SmithPoster/default.asp?p=4
(downloaded Nov. 2004)

The newly evolved twentieth-century goddess Santoshi Ma is depicted along with Shaivite symbols and a legitimizing Vedic fire sacrifice (bazaar art, c.1980's)

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

Another such view of Santoshi Ma, her devotees, and a Vedic fire sacrifice; bazaar art, c.1980's

Source: ebay, Dec. 2007

A similar bazaar art view, 1990's

Source: ebay, Oct. 2008

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