Vishnu reclining on Shesha, from the temple at Deogarh, c. late 400's

Source: Courtesy of Prof. Frederick Asher, Univ. of Minnesota, October 1999

Vishnu reclining on Shesha, as Brahma is born on a lotus from his navel (palace of Bir Singh Dev, Orchha, early 17th c.)

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Vishnu reclines on Shesha, a 16th-century sculpture

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"A Brass Group with Sleeping Vishnu. India, Karnataka, 16th Century. Depicting Vishnu in repose on the multi-headed serpent Ananta over a waisted plinth, holding his attributes of a discus and conch with the four-faced Brahma emanating from his navel and accompanied by his two consorts, Lakshmi and Sarasvati, the tiered base incised with swimming fish, scrolling waves and lotus petals. 5½ in. (14 cm.) high."

A more intimate version of the scene, in a Kangra miniature painting, c.1770

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"VISHNU AND LAKSHMI RECLINING ON SESHNAGA. Kangra, circa 1770. Gouache heightened with silver and gold on paper, Vishnu reclining on the many-headed Seshnaga, Lakshmi, his consort, massaging his left foot, silver ground, red margin, oval format, blue spandrels with red and white arabesques, yellow outer stripe, minimal flaking, mounted. 11 x 8in. (27.7 x 20cm.)."

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