BADAMI (300's-600's and onward)
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The first capital of the Chalukyas was in Aihole, west of Badami
Agastya Tirtha, an overview, in Badami
Of the four caves, Cave One is famous for its Shiva Nataraja, c. 575-85
Cave Two displays some remarkably carved ceiling panels
Cave Three has gorgeous, subtly toned, rock striations
Cave Four is a Jaina cave, and also has wonderful rock colors and patterns
East of Badami are the free-standing temples of Pattadakal, which date from the 8th century and have strong styles of their own
Bhutnath Temple, 11th century
The Yellamma Temple, also from the 11th century
Badami also contains a mosque built by *Tipu Sultan* that looks very much at home with the local architecture

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