Section 10, on the coast-- it's in the Bombay area
Elephanta in the eye of the artist and engraver
Early photographs of Elephanta
In 1875, a formal banquet for the Prince of Wales was actually held inside the main cave of Elephanta
Some images by modern photographers
Early drawings of the centerpiece of Elephanta, the great "trimurti"
The "trimurti" shows three heads of Shiva-- the left one wrathful (with snake), the right one benevolent (with flower), and the central one a masterpiece of serenity
This trimurti image has by now given rise to some remarkable modern variations
Shiva's "arddhanarishvara" (half-woman) form also famously appears here
And Shiva's "nataraja" (lord of the dance) form can be seen, early in its development
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