*"Dehr Warra," by Thomas Daniell and James Wales, 1803* (BL)

"Detter Wara or Dher Warra, Caves of Ellora," from vol. 3 of 'The Indian Empire' by Robert Montgomery Martin, c.1860; click on the image for a large scan

Source: http://www.archive.org/details/indianempirehist03martuoft
(downloaded Jan. 2009)

*Deowara Caves, Ellora; a photo by Lala Deen Dayal, 1880's* (BL)

The facade

Source: http://www.fotomulazzani.com/mappa.htm?http://www.fotomulazzani.com/_indici/India.htm
(downloaded Jan. 2005)

The interior of Dherwara, in a modern photo

Source: http://www.photoseoul.com/india/
(downloaded Sept. 2005)

Another view

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/byronic501/101477857/
(downloaded Nov. 2006)

The garbha-griha

Source: http://www.worldisround.com/articles/4758/index.html
(downloaded Dec. 2004)

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