"Ellora-- Interior of Lanka," by James Fergusson, 1845: *more information (BL)*

Source: http://www.petrafineart.net/other/indian_temples.html
(downloaded Nov. 2004)

"Illustrations of the Rock-Cut Temples of India, Selected from the Best Examples of the Different Series of Caves at : Ellora, Ajunta, Cuttack, Salsette, Karli, and Marvellipore." Drawn on Stone by Mr. T. C. Dibbin, from sketches carefully made on the spot, with the assistance of the camera-lucida, in the years 1838-9, by James Fergusson, Esq. London: John Weale, 1845. This is Plate 16."

*The Lanka Cave of Ellora, by William Simpson, 1867* (BL)

*[Façade of the Lankeshvara Shrine from the terrace, Kailasanatha Cave Temple (Cave XVI), Ellora.], by Jo. Johnston, c.1874* (BL)

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