JAIN TEMPLES and sculpture

The Dilwara temple complex at MOUNT ABU, in the engraver's eye; although the *original heartland of Jainism* was in Bihar and Bengal, Rajasthan and Gujarat later became more important centers
The Dilwara temples in early photographs
The Dilwara temples, in some modern visitors' large photos
Just about as amazing is the RANAKPUR temple complex
The SHATRUNJAYA, or Palitana, temple complex, in Gujarat
Also in Gujarat are the GIRNAR temples
The MUKTAGIRI temple complex, in Madhya Pradesh
The SONAGIRI temples, also in Madhya Pradesh, a Digambar pilgrimage site
GWALIOR itself has some huge carvings of tirthankars, and a number of temples as well
Many other temple sites are known, though some are nowadays only ruins

Images of tirthankaras have always been central to the tradition: there were freestanding ones, and others carved or installed within temples
The famous image of Gomateshvara, or Bahubali, at Shravana Belgola is one of the largest free-standing statues in the world
A Jain image of the goddess Sarasvati, carved in 1153 by Jagadeva, who "aspired for fame" 
A brass image of the paradise of Nandishvara, dedicated by a Gujarati woman named Srimantivai in 1416

A few depictions of Jain religious life

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