"Sculpture in a subterraneous Hindoo [actually Jain] temple at Cambay" (from James Forbes's Oriental Memoirs, London, 1812)

Source: ebay, Sept. 2004

"Ruins of a Jain temple, Gharispore," by E. Therond, a wood engraving from 'India and its Native Princes' by Louis Rousselet, 1878

Source: ebay, Sept. 2005

A gelatin silver photo, c.1900; *another view*

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

"Delhi, India: Interior of Jain Temple," a photo from the 1920's or early 1930's

Source: ebay, July 2007

The Jain "Mountain Temple" of Kalugumalai, Tamil Nadu; a photogravure by Alfred Nawrath, 1938

Source: ebay, Jan. 2007

A tirthankar statue in the old (9th-10th c.) Jain center of Chanderi, in Madhya Pradesh

Source: http://www.indiamike.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/29722/
(downloaded Apr. 2009)

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