The KANDARIYA MAHADEVA temple, at Khajurajo (c.1004-35)

Section 7, top margin A, left margin c, just a bit north of Panna (the site itself isn't shown on this map)
See also the *Khajuraho temples* in general, for more context
One of the visual glories of the world: the Kandariya (kandariyaa = 'cave') Mahadeva temple ("Temple 7"), at Khajuraho
Other modern visitors' photos, showing how the fractal geometry of the spires seems to make them proliferate forever as they approach the summit, Mount Kailash
The lively scenes of human activity are in lower bands; higher up toward the shikhara, only geometrical forms appear
The whole Khajuraho complex is dedicated to the wedding of Shiva and Parvati, and the Kandariya Mahadeva celebrates the occasion with erotic figures on its outer walls
The elaborate interior ornamentation encloses a surprisingly simple "womb-chamber" with its shiva-lingam
No artist or photographer ever quite captures the supremely perfect angle of vision that I want, though some come close
This engraving of E. Therond comes the closest of all

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