The great southern temples (c.1000's on)

Rajarajeshvara Chola's great Brihadishvara temple in TANJORE (Thanjavur), in early engravings and photographs
Photos of Brihadishvara by some modern visitors
 The KUMBAKONAM area has other great Chola temples as well; for excellent overview images see *kumbakonam*
CONJEEVARAM (Kanchipuram) too is a famous temple town
The astonishingly elaborate Keshava Vishnu temple at SOMNATHPUR, near Mysore (Hoysala, 13th c.)
The Chamundeshwari temple in Mysore, with several views of its temple chariots
TIRUPATI, in southern Andhra Pradesh, has the Shri Venkateshvara temple and others as well
The famous Ranganathaswami Temple of Vishnu, in Srirangam, within TRICHINOPOLY
Another major site: the Shiva Nataraja temple at CHIDAMBARAM
The Minakshi temple at MADURAI: some early engravings
The Madurai complex also features remarkably carved pillars in its galleries
Madurai: how the temples look today (*more views*)
Reaching out toward Sri Lanka: the Rama temple at RAMESHWARAM

Meanwhile, down in Sri Lanka: in the 11th century, the huge rock-cut Buddha images of POLONNARUWA were carved out of a hillside

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