**Gaur is the site of the victory tower built by Saif ud-Din Firuz c.1487-88**

*Ruined gateway in the Baisgazi wall with the remains of an hexagonal tower, Gaur. In the distance, outside the east wall is the Firoz Minar; by William Baillie, 1784* (BL); [*Baillie 1784*]

*Ruins at the Antient City of Gour formerly on the Banks of the River Ganges; an aquatint by Thomas Daniell, 1795* (BL)

*'Cutwally [=Kotwali] Gate at Gour'; an aquatint by James Moffatt, 1808* (BL);
also: *'Chamcutta mosque at Gour, so called from a tribe of Fakeers who wound themselves'* [*Moffat 1808b*] ;
also: *'Gate of Sultan Shah Hussein's tomb at Gour'* [*Moffat 1808c*];
also: *'The small Golden Mosque at Gour'* [*Moffat 1808d*]

*The Da'khil Gate; an aquatint by Henry Gordon Creighton, 1817* (BL)

*Chuta Suna [Chota Sona] Masjid, or small Golden Mosque; by Henry Gordon Creighton, 1817* (BL);
also: *The Cha'nd Gate [Gaur]* [*Creighton 1817c*];
also: *The inside of the Chuta Suna [Chota Sona] Masjid, or small Golden Mosque* [*Creighton 1817d*];
also: *The Suna Masjid, or Golden Mosque [Bara Sona Masjid]* [*Creighton 1817e*]

*The five storeyed tower at Gaur known as the Pir Asa Minar or Firoz Shah Minar; a watercolor by Seeta Ram, 1817-21* (BL);
also: *View of the Qadam Rasul mosque within the Fort at Gaur* [*Sita Ram 1817b*]
also: *The interior of the Qadam Rasul mosque enshrining the Prophet's footprint at Gaur* [*Sita Ram 1817c*];
also: *The walls of Gaur, with a tank in which elephants are bathing, and Lord Hastings' encampment in the foreground* [*Sita Ram 1817d*];
also: *The walls of Gaur, with heaps of bricks lying around* [*Sita Ram 1817e*]

*"Kutwallee Gate, Gour," by William Daniell, from The Oriental Annual or Scenes of India (London: Bull and Churton, 1835)*

Source: ebay, Mar. 2006

*Gaur. Dakhil Gate. South View; a photo by John Henry Ravenshaw, 1860's* (BL);
also: *Gaur. Kotwali Gate* [*Ravenshaw 1860's 2*];
also: *Gaur. Small Golden Mosque* [*Ravenshaw 1860's 3*]
also: *Gaur. Tomb of Makhdum Akhi Sirajuddin [d.1357]* [*Ravenshaw 1860's 4*]

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