A silver dirham coined by Muhammad bin Sam in Ghazni, 1199-1200, and using legends in Indic scripts

Source: http://www.rustypennies.com/catalog/asian_coins.html
(downloaded Nov. 2004)

"Mu'iz al-Din Muhammad b. Sam (1171-1206). AH 596 (1199-1200), Ghazna mint, AR dirham, with name of Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad, one die slightly off position."

A gold coin of Muhammad bin Sam's, from his mint in Kanauj, showing the goddess Lakshmi (left) and a legend in Nagari script (right)

Source: http://www.anythinganywhere.com/commerce/coins/coinpics/indi-dehli.html
(downloaded Jan. 2006)

A very Indic coin minted in the name of Muhammad Ghuri, in Bengal, in 1204

Source: http://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=66552&IsEnlarged=1
(downloaded Feb. 2006)

"Bengal. Muhammad Bakhtiyar Khalji, in the name of Mu'izz al-Din Muhammad bin Sam, Sultan of Delhi. 1204-1206. AV 20 Rati (2.27 gm, 3h). Unknown mint. Dated Samvat 1262 (1204 AD). Horseman riding left, holding up-raised mace; date in Nagari around / Nagari legend citing Muhammad bin Sam; star to right."

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