fi 'ahd al-imam
al-mustansir amir
al-sultan al-a'zam
 shams al-dunya
 wa'l din iltutmish
 al-sultan nasrat
 amir al-mu'minin 

This "very scarce" silver tanka was issued by Raziyyah Sultana

(downloaded Jan. 2006)

A coin of Raziyah's in which she identifies herself in Nagari script

Source: C. J. Brown, The Coins of India (London: Oxford University Press, 1922), plate VIII. Scan by FWP, Feb. 2006

"Obverse: horseman facing right. Around, in Nagari, Sri Hamirah (the Amir). Reverse: In Arabic, As-sultanu-l-a'zam Raziyatu-d-dunya va-d-din."

"The grave of Raziya Sultan,  who ruled India from 1236 AD to 1240 AD, lies unnoticed in a very bad shape in New Delhi. — PTI photos."

(downloaded Jan. 2006)

A closer view of her tomb itself; click on the image for an extremely large scan

Source: Courtesy of Marta Becherini, Columbia University, Mar. 2009

And of course, there was the film version, starring Hema Malini

(downloaded Jan. 2006)

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