Wandering ascetics called darvesh or faqir were linked only loosely, if at all, to the formal Sufi orders (a Mughal miniature, c.1605)

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"A GATHERING OF DERVISHES, Mughal India, Circa 1605. Gouache heightened with gold on paper, very finely painted, the group of dervishes sit in a circle around a pool, their faces and attitudes highly individualized, some in conversation, some performing ablutions, some smoking from huqqas, some asleep, against a green ground with finely painted gold foliage, beneath a central tree with very carefully drawn leaves. mounted on a later album page, very slight flaking in some areas, but otherwise in good condition, reverse with later pencil markings, mounted, framed and glazed. Folio 15¼ x 11¼in. (39 x 28.5cm.); miniature 11 x 8¼in. (27.8 x 21.2cm.)."

"A gathering of dervishes," late 16th century, Safavid Iran, from the Aga Khan Museum: *more information*; click on the image for a large scan

Source: http://www.akdn.org/museum/detail.asp?artifactid=1383
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A group of darveshes with smoking and drinking equipment, and a dog (early 1600's)

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"A GROUP OF DERVISHES, MUGHAL INDIA, FIRST HALF 17TH CENTURY. Gouache heightened with gold on paper, the group seated with smoking and drinking vessels accompanied by their dog, in a landscape, mounted on card- miniature 8.4 x 9.4 cm."

A group of dervishes share their wine in Chinese vessels; c.1640, probably Deccani

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"A GATHERING OF DERVISHES. Probably Deccan, circa 1640. Pen and wash on paper, a group of dervishes in a forest clearing smoking and preparing wine in Chinese vessels, conversing and sleeping in a woodland setting, mounted on card, verso with a page of calligraphy, 8ll. of black nasta'liq with a Persian devotional verse, gold floral margins. Folio 10 3/8 x 7 5/8in. (26.3 x 19.3cm.).

Provenance: Warren Hastings, Governor General of India (1732-1818), Daylesford House, Oxfordshire, part of an album, sold Farebrother Clark and Lye, 22 August 1853, lot 861.

Lot Notes: This image of a group of dervishes seeking religious ectasy through the use of drink is probably after a Persian original. A very fine version of this painting attributed to the artist Muhammadi of around 1590 is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (no.14.649) (Gray, B.: Persian Painting, 1977, pp.157-9)."

*Madaria Faqir, Eastern Bengal; a photo from the early 1860's* (BL);
also: *Darwesh (Chishtia), Eastern Bengal* [*Chishtiya 1860's*]

"Emam Buksh, Jogi or Mahomedan Devotee, Allyghur," an albumen photo, 1860's-1870's

Source: ebay, Mar. 2006

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