*"Scene on the River Sutledge, near Pauk-Puttun in the Punjab," by James Atkinson, c.1840* (BL) [*Atkinson 1840*]

*Ceiling slab carved with scrollwork from Siddhapur (surely from one of the buildings at Shaikh Farid's Tomb at Patan?); a photo by Henry Cousens, 1880's* (BL)

*Decorated ceiling in Shaikh Farid's tomb at Patan; a photo by James Burgess, c.1885* (BL)

The tomb of Baba Farid as it looks today

Source: http://www.chishti.ru/sufi_photos.htm
(downloaded May 2006)

The 'urs, or death anniversary celebration, of Baba Farid

Source: http://www.chishti.ru/sufi_photos_p2.htm
(downloaded May 2006)

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