*"A View of the Mosque, at Mounheer, from the S.E," an aquatint by William Hodges, 1787* (BL);
also: *A View of a Mosque, at Mounheer* [*Hodges 1787b*]

*"The Mausoleum of Mucdoom Shah Dowlut, at Moneah," an engraving by Thomas Daniell, 1796* (BL)

"Monea in India," from 'Meyer's Universum', 1840 (with modern hand coloring)

Source: ebay, June 2006

The mosque, and tomb of Hazrat Makhdum Yahya Maneri (b.1263), steel engraving by Roberts and Payne, 1852

Source: ebay, July 2005

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