*The tomb of Qutb-Sahib at Mahrauli, in a courtyard with tombs and a large spreading tree; a watercolor by Seeta Ram, 1814-15* (BL);
also: *The tomb of the Emperor Shah 'Alam at the dargah of Qutb-Sahib at Mahrauli* [*Sita Ram 1814b*]

*A view of the dargah or shrine of Qutb-Sahib at Mehrauli; by Muhammad Yusuf, c.1845* (BL)

"The Tombs of Shah Alam and Akbar II" at the dargah of Qutb Sahib, Mehrauli; a gelatin silver photo, c.1890's

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

A modern visitor's photo of the dargah

Source: http://rubens.anu.edu.au/raider6/india/delhi/mehrauli_archaeological_park/dargah_qutb_sahib/
(downloaded Mar. 2005)

*A huge wikipedia commons photo of the dargah*

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