A perfectly preserved gold tanka from the earliest years (1325/6) of Muhammad Shah Tughluq's reign

Source: http://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=61593&IsEnlarged=1
(downloaded Jan. 2006)

"Muhammad III bin Tughluq.1325-1351 AD. AV Tanka (24mm, 12.81 gm, 3h). Hadrat (Dehli) mint. Dated AH 726 (1325/6 AD). 'I testify that there is no god but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is his servant and his messenger' in four lines across field / 'He who trusts in the support of the Merciful, Muhammad Shah al-Sultan' in three lines across field; 'struck was this tanka in Hadrat (Dehli) in the year six and twenty and seven hundred' in outer margin."


An example of Muhammad Tughluq's copper "forced currency," c.1327-30

Source: http://www.grifterrec.com/coins/india/ancientindia5.html
(downloaded May 2007)

"Mohammed III ibn Tughluq (1325 - 1351 AD). AE Tanka / Token Currency (1329 AD). 21 mm. 9.07 gm. Obverse: Arabic legend. Reverse: Persian legend."

Another of Muhammad Tughluq's "forced currency" copper tankas

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/coinindia/store/viewitem.asp?idProduct=654
(downloaded Feb. 2008)

"DELHI SULTANATE, TUGHLUQ: Muhammad III bin Tughluq Copper tanka. Obverse: Legend. Reverse: Legend, including mint name Tughluqpur 'urf  Tirhut in margin. Date AH 730-732 (1329-1332 CE). Weight  9.33 gm. Diameter  22 mm."

*"FORCED CURRENCY" bronze coins** (Ancient Coins Canada); scroll down in the page for a series of Sultanate coins, including a special display of these "forced currency" ones from c.1327: *one example**

A gold dinar coined in 733 AH (1332/3)

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/parscoins/store/viewitem.asp?idProduct=4387
(downloaded Feb. 2007)

One final and especially attractive example

Source: http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/parscoins/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=3745&large=1
(downloaded Sept. 2006)

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