HAMPI, once the capital of Vijayanagar (1336-1565)
Section 13, top margin C, left margin b; a bit northwest of Bellary
A map showing most of the major monuments
Some early views of Hampi; Vijayanagar was also called "Bijnagar" or "Bisnagar"; or, in a garbled version of a king's name, "Narsinga"
The Achyutaraya Temple complex
The Mahanavami Dibba, or royal observation platform, beside it
The "Hazara Rama" (A Thousand Ramas) Temple was carved with Ramayana scenes
The Lotus Mahal mixes Indic and Islamic styles even more conspicuously than do the other buildings on the site
Hampi had a residential area for Muslims, near the palace
The Queen's Bath
The royal elephant stables and horse stables
Octagonal pavilion
The temple of Vitthala, with its famous carved chariot drawn by two stone elephants
The remarkable Pushkarni Tank, or step-well, has only recently been excavated
The temple of Virupaksha, within Hampi proper, has a particularly elaborate gopuram
The dome is gorgeous; now I need to find out which temple it's from
During the heyday of the city, coins like these would have circulated

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