A "cosmic diagram" and a cosmic game of "snakes and ladders," 1700's-1800's

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"A Jain Cosmic Diagram, Jambudvpida, and A Game of 'Snakes and Ladders', Gyanbazi. India, Rajasthan, the Cosmic Diagram, Bikaner, 19th Century;  'Snakes and Ladders', late 18th Century.

The Cosmic Diagram painted on cloth in concentric circles depicting the Middle World with rivers filled with swimming fish and banks of palm trees, some inscriptions in Devanagari; the Game arranged in rectangular grid overlaid on a schematic figure with text in Devanagari inscribed within the squares interspersed with snakes and ladders and a row of scenes from hell below and pavillions with flying banners above with painted floral borders. The Cosmic Diagram; 16 x 16 in. (40.6 x 40.6 cm.); the Game: 28½ x 23 7/8 in. (72.2 x 60.3 cm.)."

An "astrogram" and a chakra diagram from the 1700's/1800's

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"JAIN TANTRIC PAINTING,  Property of a German Collector.

Lot Description: An Astrogram and a Chakra Diagram. India, Rajasthan, the Astrogram, 19th Century; the Chakra Diagram, 18th Century. The Astrogram featuring a figure curled within himself painted with auspicious symbols and chakras at various points of his body framed by floral borders; the other diagram of an upright figure in slight squat with chakras painted through the center of his body; both inscribed with text in Devanagari. The curled figure: 24 x 22½ in. (61 x 57 cm.); the other figure: 20 5/8 x 11 7/8 in. (52.4 x 30.4 cm.)."

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