A Jain cosmic diagram, Gujarat, c.1500's

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"A Jain Diagram. India, Gujarat, circa 16th Century. The circular diagram flanked by a pair of eyes and centered at top with the sacred syllables: 'Ohm' and 'Hrim', painted with a white clad Swetambara figure surrounded by lotus petals and the 24 tirthankaras with two twenty-armed goddesses and two four-armed goddesses at the corners and numerous deities arranged in registers, richly gilt and painted on a red ground with inscriptions in Devanagari around the central figure 28¾ x 24 in. (73 x 61 cm.)."

Cosmic diagrams often included tributes from Hindu deities to the Tirthankaras

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"A Large Jain Painting on Cloth, Pata. Western India, circa 16th Century. Finely painted with ascetics arranged in multiple registers on a red ground, with four tirthankaras at center surrounding a round medallion with Indra celebrating the birth of Mahavir, encircled by a river inhabitated by fish and a lotus petal border, the details finely painted and highlighted in gold. 63 x 40 in. (160 x 101.6 cm.).

Lot Notes:  It is said that when Mahavir was born, Indra multiplied himself five-fold: one to hold the baby, one to hold the chattri (or parasol) over Mahavir, two to wave flywhisks, and the fifth to dance while holding a thunderbolt; cf. S. Doshi, Masterpieces of Jain Painting, 1985, p. 113, fig. 12. Depicted below the central pavilion are the eight auspicious Jain symbols, as well as Parshva represented by the Naga at top."

A "purushkara yantra," a diagram based on a cosmic human figure, 1700's

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"A Jain Purushkara Yantra. India, Rajasthan or Gujarat, 18th Century. Depicting a Cosmic figure with flaring sashes in a grid pattern of red and green squares with the circular Middle World Jambudvipa at center, seven levels of hell in area of legs, and the heavens in the upper body with 8 Jinas painted in the face, the outer space decorated with elephants, conches and dancing goddesses, framed 34 x 30 in. (88 x 76 cm.)."

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