A leaf from a manuscript of the Kalpasutra, early 1500's

Source: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/SSEAL/AsiaExhibit/sutra.html
(downloaded April 2001)

"Jain manuscript on paper. Probably early 16th century. Thick cloth covers decorated with symbols of lucky dreams. The Kalpasutra is a Svetambara Jain Agamic work attributed to Bhadrabahu and written in a form of Prakrit called Jain Maharastri. The miniatures are in early west Indian style. The work details the code of conduct for a Jain monk. For instance, these wandering ascetics are enjoined not to stay in a city for more than five nights and not to stay in a village for more than one night, though special dispensation is made for the rainy season when a sojourn of one month is permissible in any locale." 

A leaf from a manuscript of the Kalpasutra (1500's)

Source: http://www.si.umich.edu/Art_History/UMMA/1970/1970_2.116.jpg
(downloaded April 2001)

Page from the Kalpasutra (Gujarat, 1500's) showing a Tirthankara.

Source: http://www.si.umich.edu/Art_History/UMMA/1980/1980_2.247.jpg
(downloaded April 2001) 

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