*Tower among ruins, Gaur (Bengal); a watercolor by Robert Hyde Colebrooke, 1794* (BL) [*Colebrooke 1794*]

*A Pagoda [Firoz Shah's Minar At Gaur]; by Thomas Daniell, 1804* (BL) [*Daniell 1804*]

*A Minar at Gour, by Thomas and William Daniell, 1808* (BL)

*The Tower; an aquatint by Henry Gordon Creighton, 1817* (BL) [*Creighton 1817*]

*The five storeyed tower at Gaur known as the Pir Asa Minar or Firoz Shah Minar; by Seeta Ram, 1820* (BL) [*Seeta Ram 1820*]

*Gaur. Minar; a photo by John Henry Ravenshaw, 1860's* (BL)

*General view of the Minar of Firoz Shah [Firoz Minar], Gaur; a photo by Joseph David Beglar, 1870's* (BL)

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