A Company-style miniature painting of Kabir as a weaver, c.1825, from the Central Museum in Jaipur

Source: http://oldsite.library.upenn.edu/etext/sasia/aiis/mini-paint/company/004.html
(downloaded Oct. 1999)

Kabir gets a commemorative stamp, along with the Persian poet Hafiz

Source: ebay, May 2007

"Kabir Ki Kashtiyan II" (Kabir's tribulations) a modern painting by Anandamoy Banerji

Source: http://www.artswithoutborders.com/artwork.asp?type=Poster&ctry=india&lg=&strPer=25&strPr=298&pg=1&ret=http://www.artswithoutborders.com/return.asp?prints.asp?ctry!eq!india!and!pg!eq!1!and!type!eq!Poster!and!lg!eq! (downloaded Nov. 2000)

The painting alludes to the quarrel between Kabir's followers on his death: the Muslims wanted to bury him, the Hindus to burn him. Ultimately his body vanished and was replaced by a heap of flower petals that the two groups could divide in half.

A bazaar art print of Kabir, mid-1900's

Source: ebay, July 2009

A modern imagining of Kabir: Muslim-style clothes and beard, Hindu religious tokens and gestures

Source: http://www.ssgmce.org/img/images/KABIR.jpg
(downloaded Jan. 2005)

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