Krishna's father carries the newborn to safety, away from his wicked uncle Kansa
Every detail of the child Krishna's upbringing in Vrindavan is lovingly imagined.
The delightfully naughty child steals butter, but is too charming to be punished
A demoness named Putana puts poison on her breast and offers it, but the child Krishna responds by sucking the life out of her
When the jealous Indra sends a torrential rainstorm, Krishna picks up Mount Govardhan and shelters all the villagers beneath it
This "Govardhan-dhara" episode gives rise to a special Rajasthani form of Krishna called "Shri Nath-ji," associated with the pilgrimage center of *Nathdwara*
Krishna subdues the deadly serpent Kaliya and dances on his hood, while Kaliya's serpent-wives beg for mercy
As a youth, Krishna never goes anywhere without his flute, and he is always surrounded by gopis, and of course Radha in particular
He steals the gopis' clothing while they bathe, and makes them beg to have it back
Sometimes Radha and Krishna almost merge into one, so that their separate identities are blurred
Finally comes the painful time of "Mathura gamana," when Krishna leaves Vrindavan to assume his adult life and royal role as a prince; the gopis are inconsolable

VRINDAVAN, or Brindaban, becomes a pilgrimage center

So of course does GOVARDHAN
DWARKA, where Krishna lives out the final, royal part of his life, also becomes a pilgrimage center
MATHURA too becomes very much Krishna country-- though it has the usual fortress as well

Krishna and the gopis have inspired modern South Asian artists as well

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