Krishna as Shrinathji, a 19th-century watercolor in Nathdwara style: *ZOOM capabilities* (FAMSF)

A pichhvai of the Vraj Parikrama (=circumambulation), 19th c., showing Krishna as Shrinathji.

(downloaded Aug. 2001)

"A Pichhavai of the Vraj Parikrama Jatra. India, Rajasthan, 19th Century. The central orange panel illustrating Krishna as Shrinathji with upraised arm surrounded by a snaking river and villages relating scenes from Krishna's childhood. 65¾ x 47 in. (168 x 120 cm.).

Lot Notes: This unusual pichhavai is in actuality a topographical depiction of Vrindavan and its surrounding villages on the banks of the Yamuna River. The Jatra is a pilgrimage route that courses through the region encompassing chaurasi (84) kos, the equivalent of 168 miles. It is undertaken in a clockwise manner that passes through 12 vanas (forests), 24 upvanas (groves), and Mount Govardhana in a practice that is still observed by pilgrims today."

A gathering at the Shrinathji temple, c.1880, in Mewar style

(downloaded Sept. 2005)

"A GATHERING AT THE SRINATHJI TEMPLE, Nathdwara, Mewar, circa 1880. Gouache heightened with gold on cloth, worshippers gather in a courtyard around the shrine housing the image of Krishna flanked by village elders with standing attendants, below a congregation of men dressed in white with brightly coloured hats and women in bright saris, a row of palm trees in front of the colonnade of the building, white gate with cusped arch decorated with floral designs in foreground, flaking in some areas, small repaired tear, mounted, glazed and framed. 18.2 x 23.2in (46.5 x 59.5cm)."

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