*"Preparation of wada for the Sultan Ghiyath al-Din, the Sultan of Mandu. Samosas being prepared. Small inscription 'sanbusa', samosa. Ghiyath Shahi seated on a stool in a garden is being offered a dish, possibly of samosas. A cook is frying them over a stove, while another is placing them on a round dish. Opaque watercolour. Sultanate style. Title of Work:  The Ni'matnama-i Nasir al-Din Shah. A manuscript on Indian cookery and the preparation of sweetmeats, spices etc., 1495-1505"* (BL)

*"Enjoyment of betel. Ghiyath Shahi is kneeling on a stool, putting a betel chew in his mouth. There is a night sky, and he is wearing white night clothes. Out of doors with a background of heavy vegetation. A woman attendant is holding a gold bowl of betel. Wine flask in the foreground. A dark girl kneeling before Ghiyath Shahi is offering him another betel chew. Opaque watercolour. Sultanate style."* (BL)

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