RAJPUT FORTS and their settings
Section 5 (Jaisalmer, Jodhpur); and Section 6 (the rest)
Some maps of Rajputana/Rajasthan
Far to the west, the fort of JAISALMER looms over the city
Jaisalmer's architectural treats also include Salim Singh ki Haveli, and even the modern municipal building
Jaisalmer offers, as a final pleasure, a striking set of royal cenotaphs outside the city
Mehrangarh Fort, JODHPUR
Junagarh Fort in BIKANER, with its elaborately angular lines
JAIPUR, capital of the Kachwahas, has a section of its own
The early fortress of RANTHAMBHORE, south of Jaipur and east of Tonk, dates from the 900's, and was captured by Akbar
To the east of Jaipur, the palace at ALWAR
Southeast of it, the pair of BHARATPUR and, to the north of it,
...DEEG (or Dig), which share a good deal of history
UDAIPUR, capital of the state of Mewar, has a palace of particular loveliness that can rival even Jaipur
Udaipur the town is a pleasure, too
At Nagda, ten miles northeast of Udaipur, are the famous Sas-Bahu temples too, from the late 900's
Sixty miles north of Udaipur is the wonderfully geometrical KUMBHALGARH
East-northeast of Udaipur, the early fortress of CHITORGARH, conquered by Akbar in 1557
Chitorgarh features Rana Kumbha's famous Victory Tower
Still further northeast, the fort of BUNDI, with its famous murals
GWALIOR has a truly spectacular fort that was used by the Mughals to confine prisoners of high rank
Gwalior town had its own life, too
Some depictions of Rajputs and those around them
Rajput forts became a delight to western artists as well
Other forts in the same general style could be found all over North India

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