*General view of the large Sasbahu Temple, Nagda, a photo by O. S. Baudesson, c.1882* (BL)

Overview of he temples at Nagda, 10 miles northeast of Udaipur, built in the late 900's

Source: http://3demi.net/photos/voyages/inde/rajhastanSudEst/39_1200x720.html
(downloaded May 2005)

The gateway to the temples

Source: http://www.shieldsaroundtheworld.com/origs/P0004528.jpg
(downloaded May 2005)

Main entry of the "Sas"(Mother-in-law) temple

Source: http://image14.webshots.com/14/1/82/34/172118234ffdwuL_fs.jpg
(downloaded May 2005)

The "Bahu" (Daughter-in-law) temple, Nagda

Source: http://community.webshots.com/photo/172117029/172118109NEDShF
(downloaded May 2005)

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