A commemorative medal honoring *Luis de Camões*, composer of the "Lusiad," as a celebrator of Portuguese exploration and discovery

He is honored for celebrating new fields of Catholic missionary activity

His youth is full of romantic escapades, and this might be one; or it might be allegorical

Fighting in Morocco in the Battle of Ceuta in 1542, he loses an eye

In 1552 he wounds a courtier, and is imprisoned for a time

In the late 1560's he is shipwrecked near the Mekong River, but legendarily swims to shore clutching his manuscript

He meditates, seeing visions of his masterpiece

At length he completes the poem

He holds up the published book (1572) with a flourish; the right panel shows the cover design of the original edition

He reflects on the episodes described in his poem

As he reads aloud from his great work to his patron, King Sebastian, he joins the company of Cervantes, Dante, Tolstoi, Victor Hugo, Shakespeare and Sophocles

He dies in 1580, in Lisbon

He and his book span the globe


He becomes an enduring symbol of Portuguese identity and pride

Source of all the above commemorative medals: ebay, 2007-8

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