The *Lusiad* greatly celebrates Vasco da Gama; in fact he is made to narrate several cantos. Some high points of the poem, as depicted in commemorative medals:

Canto 2, verse 22
Canto 2:
Reaching Melinde [Kenya], Vasco da Gama and his crew are welcomed by a friendly Sultan
Canto 3, verses 134-35:
The murder of Ines de Castro (1355)
Canto 4, verse 30:
The battle of Aljubarrota (1385); *view 2*
Canto 5, verse 39:
the Adamastor, or presiding demon of the Cape of Good Hope; *view 2*; *view 3*; *view 4*; *view 5*; *view 6*; *view 7*; *view 8*
Canto 5:
The King of Melinde (in Kenya) confirms the story of Adamastor
Canto 7, verse 57:
*Vasco da Gama meets the Zamorin of Calicut*
Canto 9, verses 53ff.:
Vasco da Gama on the Island of Venus
Canto 9, verse 72:
Nymphs on the Island of Venus
Canto 10, verse 77
Thetis and Vasco da Gama

Source: ebay, June-July 2007

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