A Rajput ruler submits to Akbar in 1568; *a very large scan of this painting*

Source:  "A Second Paradise: Indian Courtly Life 1590-1947," by Naveen Patnaik (New York: Metropolitan Museum, 1985), p. 39. Scan by FWP, Sept. 2001.

"Rao Survan Hada Making Submission to Emperor Akbar in 1568; outlined by Makand; painted by Shankar; from Abu'l Fazl's Akbarnama; Mughal; ca. 1590; 37.5 x 25 cm. Victoria and Albert Museum I.S. 2-1896. In return for submitting to the Mughals, Rao Surjan is exepted from having to prostrate himself before the Emperor and from having to send a daughter to be one of Akbar's wives. He was also given the unique privilege among Rajputs of entering the imperial audience hall fully armed, and he was permitted to sound his kettledrums (nakkaras) in the Mughal capital as close as the Red Gate to the fort." (A Second Paradise, p. 179)

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