BIJAPUR (c.1490's-c.1686)

Toward the southwest, and called "Visiapour" on this map
A map of the old walled city, and a look at the town in its geographical setting
A distinctive silver bar coin called a "larin," used for the Indian Ocean trade, from the reign of Ali Adil Shah (1558-80)
An early example of Bijapuri miniature painting, c.1580-90
"Visapour," in early views
Some later views of Bijapur architecture and monuments
The simple but imposing Gagan Mahal
The Mehtar Mahal, with its unusual looks and unusual history

The "Sat-manzilah" with its striking silhouette
The tomb of Sultan Ibrahim 'Adil Shah (r.1534-58)
'Ali 'Adil Shah I (r.1558-79) was the husband of the remarkable Chand Bibi, who kept Akbar out of Ahmadnagar
Ibrahim 'Adil Shah II (r.1579-1627) was an especially impressive ruler
The "Gol Gumbad," where Muhammad 'Adil Shah II (1627-57) is buried
Ikhlas Khan, chief minister of Muhammad 'Adil Shah II, c.1650

The Met's magnificent portrait (c.1680) of all nine 'Adil Shahi rulers imagined as seated together
The elegant Taj Baoli

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