BOMBAY, the "Bom Bahia," 1534 onwards

Section 10, on the coast-- you really can't miss it
Some early maps of the area; it's now of course called "Mumbai"
The fort at Bassein, to the north of Bombay proper, was the Portuguese headquarters from 1534 until the Marathas overpowered it in 1739
By the late 1600's, the British East India Company in Bombay was minting its own coins; in 1687, Bombay became the new Company headquarters (replacing Surat)
Parsis too have always been prominent in Bombay history
Bombay as it looked in early paintings and engravings
Street life in Bombay: some lively drawings from the later 1800's
In the 1800's Bombay acquired some monumental civic architecture
The remarkable Municipal Corporation building
Victoria Terminus, the great railway station, was in a class by itself
Flora Fountain, another of the city's famous landmarks
Bombay was not immune from the famines of the late 1800's
Street life in Bombay in photographs, later 1800's and early 1900's
The Gateway of India, quintessential symbol of Bombay, was completed in 1924
Modern downtown Mumbai-- a spectacular panoramic view

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