FATAHPUR SIKRI, built c.1570-c.81
Section 6, top margin D, left margin b; just south of Agra
*AKBAR* himself designed the city, and personally supervised every detail of its construction: here are some overviews and a plan of the site
Early engravings tend to focus on the Buland Darvazah, or "Lofty Gate"
Some early photos of Fatahpur Sikri
The Buland Darvazah, approached from outside, is immensely imposing
On the inside, it opens into the huge courtyard of the Jama Masjid
In the courtyard of the Jama' Masjid is the tomb of Shaikh Salim Chishti (d.1572), in whose honor the city was built; Akbar did the tomb in red sandstone, then Jahangir redid it in white marble
The main zananah quarters, also called "Jodh Bai's palace"; and nearby, a palace thought to have been built either by or for Raja Birbal
Off to one side is the Hiran Minar, one of the strangest-looking towers in the world
The five-storied Panch Mahal was a fine vantage point and breeze-catcher
The Anup Tala'o ("Incomparable Pool") must have been a great pleasure during the summer
The Divan-e Khas, or Hall of Private Audience
The Divan-e Khas is famous for its huge "pillar-throne" in the center; scholars can't be sure exactly how this and some other buildings on the site were used
There are also some elegant touches of color in the surviving interior decoration
A search for "sikri" will produce many more views

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