The Portuguese in Goa (1510-1961)

Goa features prominently on Malabar Coast maps
It all started with Vasco da Gama's first voyage, and his meeting with the Zamorin of Calicut in 1498; Goa was taken by *Albuquerque* in 1510
The early history of the Portuguese in India is full of battles and alliances with various local rulers, leading to ownership of many local port/forts; at one point a Turkish expedition was also sent against them
Their history is also full of missionary activity: St. Francis Xavier worked in Goa and Cochin (1542-49), and his embalmed (?) body is still sometimes made available for viewing: *Dr. Jose Colaco*
Other Jesuits followed in his footsteps, like the Portuguese missionary St. John de Brito, who worked in Madurai and was martyred in 1693; the Inquisition came too
Some of the earliest views of Goa
Fort Aguado was built in 1612
The church of Saint Francis of Assisi, in Old Goa, was built in the later 1600's
By the 17th century Goa had developed a rich tradition of Catholic religious art
Goan coins too were always distinctive
Some forms of Goan attire, over time

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