*Babur celebrates the birth of Humayun in the Chahar Bagh of Kabul (1508); an illustration to the memoirs of the Emperor Babur, 'Vaqi 'at-i Baburi', by Sur Gujarati, c.1590* (BL)

*Humayun, Babur, Jahangir, Akbar: a painting from the 'Amal-i Salih, a history of Shah Jahan by Muhammad Salih Kanbu; 1700's* (BL)

"Timur, Babur, and Humayun"-- a modern Mughal-style miniature by Ramesh Sharma; *a closeup of Babur*

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"Timur, Babur and Humayun." Painter: Ramesh Sharma. Gouache and gold on paper. Gold foliate border.17 x 13 inches.

"Ramesh Sharma-- The painter is one of the few living artists whose work is regularly included in Christies, South Kensinton sale of Islamic and Oriental Art. In a recent catalogue, the Islamic specialist says, "Ramesh Sharma is one of the most accomplished contemporaty artists working in traditional style.Though often reproducing Mughal art, his paintings remain original, vibrant works of art, rather than mere copies." Islamic and Oriental Works of Art, October 12, 2000, page 44."

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