AGRA FORT, the early Mughal capital

Section 6, top margin D, left margin b; and here's a basic *plan of the fort*; for more on Agra and its monuments, see *E. B. Havell, 1904*; he discusses the *Agra Fort* in detail; and *another useful site*
Maps of the fort and town; excellent views from *ANU*
Agra Fort in some early drawings and engravings
The outer walls of the fort were once gorgeously decorated
The imposing Jahangiri Mahal was actually built by Akbar, and might have been a zanana, or ladies' palace
Shah Jahan added greatly to the Fort; among his contributions was the splendid Moti Masjid, or "Pearl Mosque"
He also added to the Agra Fort its lovely Khas Mahal
The Agra Fort's Divan-e Am, or hall of public audience
Other views
A close look at the Agra Fort's interior inlay work and marble window grills
Ornately carved red sandstone
The fort has several lovely towers that provide views of the Taj across the river; visitors are reminded of the poignance of Shah Jahan's imprisonment

Just outside the fort: the Jama Masjid of Agra, built by Shah Jahan in honor of his favorite daughter Jahan-ara

A look at life in Agra itself

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