Silver rupee minted by Murad Bakhsh (1624-1658), during his brief period of rule (1657-58)

(downloaded Jan. 2006)

"Mohammed Murad Bakhsh, 1658 AD. AR Rupee (11.47 gm) of Ahmadabad, AH 1068. Kalima in square / Name and titles in square."

One more example of Murad Bakhsh's silver rupee coins ("Muhammad Murad Bakhsh" on the left, confession of faith on the right)

(downloaded Mar. 2007)

"Rare silver rupee of Murad Baksh (1658) in Gujarat, Moghul Empire. Name and titles in square / kalima in square. 23mm in diameter, 11.6 g, very thick. Dated to 1068 AH = regnal year 1 = 1658 AD."

"Mourad Bakche, imperial prince, son of Shah Djehan and brother of Aureng Zeb," an engraving by Albert Racinet, Paris, 1878

Source: ebay, June 2007

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