CALCUTTA -- THE city of Bengal

Section 8, on the coast-- you can't miss it; and here are some *city maps of Calcutta, 1756 onward*
REGIONAL MAPS of the area around the mouths of the Ganges, in the early modern period; *Gaur*, *Pandua*, *Rajmahal*, and *Dacca* were all former capitals of Bengal
Some coins of earlier Bengali rulers
And a look at some of the coins of the East India Company
The Dutch were in CHINSURA, only a mile from Hooghly (which had its own extremely complex colonial history); and the French were in *Chandernagore* (see also *S. C. Hill*)
Early views of the city; see also the remarkable work of *Francois Balthasar Solvyns*, who created in the 1790's over 600 etchings depicting life in Calcutta
Views of Fort William, home of the famous Fort William College language training center for East India Company officers (and alleged site of the *"Black Hole of Calcutta"*)
Views of Calcutta's famous Esplanade
As museums, Calcutta has both the Victoria Memorial and the monumental Indian Museum, a building first proposed in 1858
Other post-1857 views
Calcutta had the right architecture for British imperial pomp and circumstance
Some of Calcutta's religious architecture
Some scenes of daily life around the city
The terrible Bengal famine of 1874
Calcutta-- tourist-poster views
A search for "Calcutta" will yield hundreds more images; and here's *another BL set* of search results for Calcutta

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