*Plan of the Dutch factory at Hooghly-Chinsura in 1721; an engraving* (BL); *a slightly larger scan, with modern hand coloring*

A plan of the Dutch settlement at Chinsura-Hooghly, by Bellin and Schley, 1753

Source: ebay,  Mar. 2006

*A View of Chinsura the Dutch settlement in Bengal; by William Hodges, 1787* (BL)

*'South view of Chinsura'; quatint with etching by and after James Moffat, published Calcutta 1809* (BL)

*Hoogly; a photo by Frederick Fiebig, 1851* (BL);
also: *Parade ground, Hooghly* [*Fiebig 1851b*];
also: *The barracks at Hooghly* [*Fiebig 1851c*]

*[The Old Dutch Church, Chinsura]; a hand-colored photo by Frederick Fiebig, 1858* (BL)

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