A silver rupee issued in the name of Shah Alam II, during his regnal year 8 (1766/7)

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"BENGAL PRESIDENCY: Silver rupee in the name of Shah Alam II, Azimabad (Patna) mint, RY 8. Obverse: Legend, including mint name Azimabad (Patna). Reverse: Legend, including regnal year 8. Date  RY 8 (=AH 1180 = 1766-67 CE). Weight  11.45 gm. Diameter  24 mm."

A silver rupee from Shah Alam II's regnal year 26, or AH 1198 (1784/5)

"BENGAL PRESIDENCY: Silver rupee in the name of Shah Alam II, Banaras, AH 1198, RY 26. Obverse: Legend, including AH year 1198. Reverse: Legend, including mint name Muhammadabad Banares, mintmark fish and double regnal years 17 and 26. Date  RY 26, AH 1198 (= 1784-85 CE). Weight  11.22 gm. Diameter  23 mm."


A Bengal Presidency silver rupee, minted in Farrukhabad, from regnal year 45 of Shah Alam II (r.1760-1805)

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The Bengal Presidency's copper "trishul pice" coin (showing Shiva's trident), minted at Banaras, 1815-21, and using both Devanagari and Urdu script

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A gorgeous gold mohur, stamped with the date "regnal year 19" of Shah Alam II (r.1759-1806), but actually issued in 1825

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"BENGAL PRESIDENCY: Gold mohur in the name of Shah Alam II (1759-1806), Murshidabad, "year 19." Obverse  Legend, including privy marks indicating a Calcutta issue. Reverse  Legend, including frozen year 19. Date  Issue of 1825. Weight  12.32 gm. Diameter  26 mm. Machine struck."

A one-paisa Bengal Presidency coin struck in 1829, with Bengali and Urdu inscriptions

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[Image and description courtesy of *David L. Tranbarger Rare Coins*.]


A one-paisa Company coin, 1831, labeled in four scripts: English, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi

Source: ebay, Oct. 2001

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