*From "Calecut Nuova Tavola" by Girolamo Ruscelli, Venice, 1574*

A map by Bertius, Amsterdam, c.1600

*From a map of Asia by Munster, 1628*; *the whole map (with north to the right)*

*From William Blaeu's map of 1638*

*From Jansson, 'Atlas Atlantis Majoris', 1650 (with north at the bottom)*

*From a map by C. Weigel, Nuremberg, 1720*

.From F. de Wit, "Magni Mogolis Imperium de novo correctum et divisum";Amsterdam, J.Covens & C. Mortier, c.1720

*From a map of the Malabar and Coromandel Coasts by Guillaume de l'Isle, Amsterdam, 1733*

*From a map of central and eastern Asia by Guillaume de l'Isle, Amsterdam 1740*

From a map by Didier Robert de Vaugondy, from "Nouvel Atlas Portatif," Paris, 1762

*From "The East Indies including more particularly The British Dominions on the Continent of India" by Thomas Kitchin & John Blair, London, 1768*

From a map by Bellin, 1770, with original hand coloring

*A sea chart for mariners by Mannevillette ("Neptune Oriental," 1775)*: "Chart of the northern part of the Bay of Bengal layd down chiefly from the surveys made by Bartholomew Plaisted and John Ritchie"

*From "Carte du Bengale et de ses dependances," from: William Bolts, 'Etat civil, politique et commerçant, du Bengale... ', Paris, 1775*

*A map by Kitchin and Blair, from Rev. John Blair's "Chronology & History of the World from the Creation to the Year of Christ 1779," London*

From a map by Louis Brion de la Tour, from 'Histoire Universelle depuis le Commencement du Monde', c.1780

*From a map by Rigobert Bonne, 1780*

*The Bay of Bengal area, by J. Bayly, from The Geographical Magazine, by Frederick Martyn (London: Harrison and Co., 1785*

*From "L'Inde," by Jean-Denis Barbie du Bocage, c.1790*

*From a map by John Russell (W. Peacock, London, 1795)*; *the whole map*

*From a map by John Russell (C. Dilly & G.G. & J. Robinson, London, 1797)*

*From a map by  J. Barlow, published by R. Edwards, London, 1798*

From a map by George Ramsay & Co, Edinburgh, 1814

From a map by John Thomson, "A New General Atlas of the World" (W. & D. Lizars, Edinburgh, 1817)

*From a map by J. Smith, An Atlas to Guthrie's Geographical Grammar (J. Mawman, London, 1819)*

*From a view by Alexander Findlay, from "A New & Complete System of Universal Geography"  by Christopher Kelly (Thomas Kelly, London, 1825)*

*From a map by SDUK (Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge), 1832*

*From a map by Sidney Hall, from A General Atlas of Modern and Ancient Geography by Samuel Butler (Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, London, 1835)*

*From "Lizars' Edinburgh Geographical General Atlas: containing Maps of Every Empire, State, and Kingdom," by W.H. Lizars, Edinburgh, 1840*

*From "Lowry's Table Atlas" by J.W. Lowry (Chapman & Hall, London, 1850)*

*From "A Desciptive Atlas of Astronomy and of Physical and Political Geography" by Rev. Thomas Milner, with maps constructed by Augustus Petermann and engraved by John Dower (Orr & Co., London, 1850)*

*From a map by Sidney Hall, from General Atlas of The World (Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh, 1854)*

From Colton's Atlas of the World, 1856: *one map*; *another map*

From 'The Imperial Atlas of Modern Geography' by Blackie and Son, London, 1860 (drawn by J. and C. Walker)

A regional map, 1880

*Calcutta and its environs, from 'The Earth and Its Inhabitants' by Elisee Reclus, 1883*

*A map from "The People's Cyclopedia," 1891*

*A map of the Ganges from Delhi onwards, with an inset Calcutta map, late 1900's*

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